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Envisioning a Different Future for Vulnerability Management

Envisioning a Different Future for Vulnerability Management

What if you knew that, in any given week, only 40 known vulnerabilities posed a real risk to your IT environment? How would that knowledge change the way you manage vulnerabilities? How much time could your Security and IT teams reclaim for other, more strategic projects?

Traditional vulnerability-centric models leave you trying to narrow down the 30,000 “critical” vulnerabilities your scanner finds into a list short enough for your remediation team to manage. It’s time-consuming and inefficient.

What if we flip the script, envisioning far greater efficiencies even as enterprises achieve a more robust cybersecurity posture? What if we started our risk evaluation by looking at the threats, not the vulnerabilities?

Join Kenna Security Chief Data Scientist Michael Roytman as he explains his thoughts on what the future might look like if we could use threat intelligence data and data science to enable security innovators to imagine a different future for VM.

Attend this webinar to learn:
* How a threat-oriented approach may be the future of VM
* What that future might look like
* Why focusing on risk takes the guesswork out of remediation
* How the new future of VM might reduce your security tools, not add to them
* And much more

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