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How To Predict the Next Big Exploit

How To Predict the Next Big Exploit

As enterprises face increasingly more sophisticated and sinister threats, predicting the next big exploit—and who is vulnerable to it—has become a dark art.  

What does an effective exploit prediction strategy look like? Glad you asked.  

Michael Roytman and Jerry Gamblin team up to unpack how to predict the next big exploit. These two industry big wigs will take you from theory to practice, from past to present (and a little bit into the future). 

Watch this webinar to hear: 

  • Traditional methods once used to anticipate threats 
  • How to effectively and efficiently predict non-targeted attacks 
  • Predicting stacked vs. targeted attacks 
  • The future of exploit prediction and how data science is driving a risk-based future 
  • Why you need to plug into #ExploitWednesdays 

Earn one CPE credit through ISC² by watching this webinar. 

Michael Roytman
Chief Data Scientist
Kenna Security at Cisco


Jerry Gamblin
Director of Security Research
Kenna Security at Cisco 


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