How to Solve Your Greatest Healthcare Challenges

In 2019, security executives were most concerned with two things–too many new threats and not enough people or expertise to stay ahead of them. In the healthcare industry, the stakes are especially high whether you are a provider, payer, or supplier. While the consequences of ransomware or threats shutting down operations could be catastrophic for your patients and for your business, you can solve your greatest worries by focusing on your greatest risks.

In this webinar, Brent Houk, a 20+ year veteran of cybersecurity in many different healthcare organizations, will provide insight on just how to do that by discussing:

How to meet the cybersecurity needs of your particular healthcare industry segment by analyzing risks and remediating them using established procedures

Pointers on how to focus your security and IT teams’ efforts most efficiently

How data-driven prioritization, predictive modeling, and real-world data can help your organization focus on your highest-risk vulnerabilities

Empower your team to work more efficiently and effectively to keep you ahead of the next threat—join our webinar to find out how.

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