How Improving Security Resilience Reduces Business Risk

Apr 25, 2022
Kendall Serrano

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Board members may not be cybersecurity experts, but now more than ever, they understand business risk and the need for security resilience. And siloed, stand-alone security that focuses on threat prevention is inefficient and ineffective in the face of increasingly sinister threats and unpredictable global events.  

While a growing number of enterprise leaders recognize that security resilience buoys business resilience and lowers overall risk, the road to a resilient future can be difficult to define—until now. 

Register to hear Ed Bellis, CTO and Co-founder at Kenna Security at Cisco and Liz Waddell, Global Practice Lead, Cisco Talos Incident Response, break down these strategic concepts into clear, actionable takeaways designed to help organizations detect, predict, analyze, and respond to potential threats with confidence. 

This hourlong deep dive will cover: 

  • The five dimensions of security resilience that act as the foundation for a continuously improving infrastructure 
  • Must-have capabilities needed to implement these dimensions and tackle future threats—security or otherwise
  • The people, processes, and plans necessary to protect your mission-critical assets 


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