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The Road to Launching Risk-Based SLAs 

The Road to Launching Risk-Based SLAs 

In the realm of vulnerability management, SLAs are too often defined by guesswork, and that leaves teams struggling to meet them. So when one of the nation’s largest financial institutions asked for customized research to shape their SLAs, we had an epiphany. We realized we could help people define better SLAs—with our pre-existing data and benchmark research (okay, and maybe a bit of extra legwork). Join Kenna Security Chief Product Officer Jason Rolleston and Chief Data Scientist Michael Roytman as they walk through how this customer-driven feature highlights how more targeted, achievable SLAs require extensive peer benchmark data, real-world threat intel to identify likely exploits, data on the speed of attackers, and an understanding of your risk tolerance. These industry experts will unpack:  

  • SLA best practices based on our years of researching high-performing vulnerability management teams
  • What you gain taking a risk-oriented approach to setting and meeting SLAs
  • The origin story behind Kenna.VM’s Risk-Based SLA feature and how it can help elevate long-term security practices

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