Modern Vulnerability Management: Why You Need it Now More Than Ever

Apr 22, 2020
Kendall Serrano

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16 June, 2020

11:00 am GMT +1

In these disruptive times, we have seen more requirement for sharper and more highly tuned security managed services that manage risk across businesses whilst taking loads from over stretched internal security & IT teams. That’s where Modern Vulnerability Management comes in. This groundbreaking model for managing risk provides prioritization based on real-time threat intelligence, tailored to your customers’ requirements and environments, and aligns IT and Security efforts on what to remediate based on the risk your vulnerabilities pose to your clients’ businesses. It delivers the rapid, measurable ROI your service owners are looking for.

Register today for Kenna Konnect, a complimentary one-hour webinar hosted by a panel of security experts who pioneered risk-based vulnerability management. Learn how some of the world’s most sophisticated MSSPs are deploying Modern Vulnerability Management to save time, money and resources–and to create a more efficient approach to end-users’ vulnerability management processes at a moment when no one has time to lose

Richard Foulkes
Solution Consultant, Cyber Security
Exclusive Networks Limited UK

Rick Kramer
Senior Vice President of World Wide Sales and Field Operations
Kenna Security

Louise Marshall
Director of Channels EMEA
Kenna Security

Simon Black
Pre-Sales Systems Engineer
Kenna Security


•The MSS Market Opportunity Right Now – Exclusive Networks & Kenna Security
•Intro to Kenna & the MSS Program
•Demo of platform & MSS Multi tenant management console

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