Focus & Prioritize Your Vulnerability Management Program with Kenna.VI

May 14, 2020
Kendall Serrano

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June 30, 2020
10 am PT/1:00 pm ET

Register today to learn how security teams can more efficiently approach vulnerability management at a moment when there’s no time to lose. You’ll learn about Kenna.VI, a threat intelligence database that encompasses vulnerability volume and contextual data. With more than 15 threat intelligence feeds, Kenna.VI makes it easy for security teams to answer questions like, “Has this vuln already been exploited? Is there a high likelihood that it will be? Are there fixes available?” 

Discover a universe of vulnerability intel at your fingertips

  • Rapid Response

Arm your security team with the right intel to create a plan of action and respond to new vulnerabilities.

  • Risk Focus

Kenna scores every vulnerability so you can focus on the vulnerabilities that pose the most risk to your organization.

  • Predictive Exploit Modeling

Know the level of risk vulnerabilities pose at the instant they’re discovered—with predictive modeling technology.

  • Focus Your Red Team

Focus your Red Team’s efforts on the vulnerabilities that have the highest probability of being weaponized or exploited.

  • Deploy With Confidence

Kenna takes a defensive in-depth approach to our own overall security architecture, freeing you up to focus on one thing – your own organization. 

Michael Roytman
Chief Data Scientist
Kenna Security

Michael Brunner
Regional Sales Director
Kenna Security

Shawn Mastria
Sales Engineer
Kenna Security


  • Tour Kenna.VI: Explore Kenna’s real-time threat intelligence database
  • Deep dive into Kenna’s unmatched data science algorithm and prediction modeling
  • Ask Me Anything: An open Q&A with the presenters

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