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The New Normal: What's Changed for Security & Vulnerability Management

The New Normal: What’s Changed for Security & Vulnerability Management

The rise of COVID-19 has disrupted day-to-day business operations, forcing companies to change quickly. As security teams establish a new normal, we assess what has – and hasn’t – changed about the threat landscape. In addition to the challenges that remote working brings to cybersecurity, there are other urgent questions: 

  • How will vulnerability management practices adapt?
  • How will we return to the office safely and efficiently? 
  • What are the key lessons companies are learning?

Join Kenna Security’s Head of Research Jonathan Cran and Principal Security Engineer Jerry Gamblin, along with CNO Financial Group’s Cybersecurity Services Manager Kyle Ruddock, as they unpack what has inherently changed about workplace security. Learn how this global pandemic has initiated critical shifts in vulnerability management both inside and outside the office.

Attend this webinar to discover: 

  • What companies are discovering in this new reality
  • Are there new risks appearing in the wild aimed at WFH? 
  • How teams can still perform high-quality vulnerability management
  • What you can do to “deep clean” your environment in preparation for this new normal
  • How to oversee the first 48 hours back in the office

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