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Cisco SecureX + Kenna Security: Bringing Simplicity to You 

Cisco SecureX + Kenna Security: Bringing Simplicity to You 

Today’s reality is that cybersecurity is a complex challenge, and unfortunately a lot of cybersecurity solutions can be just as complex.  

What’s needed is a way to make security operations simple, automated, and democratized. So, no matter the complexity of your IT environment, and no matter how many threats may be targeting your organization, protecting it shouldn’t be riddled with hurdles. 

Cisco recognizes this need and is defining a path forward. By integrating Kenna Security’s acclaimed risk-based vulnerability management platform, Cisco’s SecureX will help organizations solve a notoriously difficult piece of the security puzzle to accelerate response time for cyber readiness. 

Join Kenna Security Co-founder and CTO Ed Bellis and Cisco SVP/GM of Security Platform and Response Al Huger, as they unpack what makes this move so pivotal for customers and the wider security industry. 

Register to learn how: 

  • Real-world threat intel, machine learning, and predictive analytics help teams identify and prioritize their riskiest vulnerabilities  
  • Remediation teams will know what to patch and when, saving time, money, and resources 
  • Integrating enterprise security management solutions into one centralized location breaks down silos and extends detection and response capabilities 
  • Automated workflows help lower organizational risk profiles, improve collaboration between Security and IT, and shrink their attack surfaces  
  • Kenna Risk Scores help stakeholders clearly assess the relative risk of a specific vulnerability, asset class, workgroup, or organization as a whole 
  • To speed decision making with prioritization of vulnerability data based on threat intelligence and asset business value 

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