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Understanding the 8 Riskiest Classes of Vulnerabilities 

Understanding the 8 Riskiest Classes of Vulnerabilities 

With more than a decade of risk prioritization and real-world observation, we at Kenna Security have seen some pretty scary vulnerabilities. Over time, patterns start to appear and we’ve been able to pinpoint the top repeat offenders. To ready yourself (and your vulnerability management program) to face the worst of the worst head on, you have to know what you’re dealing with first.  

Join us as we discuss what makes a vulnerability truly dangerous and take a deep dive into the eight vulnerability classes that any risk-based vulnerability management program should focus on to eliminate the most risk.  

Jerry Gamblin, Director of Security Research with Kenna Security at Cisco, will unpack: 

  • The eight riskiest vulnerability classes 
  • Why they’re dangerous 
  • How bad actors use them 
  • Why risk-based vulnerability management is the key to detecting and protecting against them 

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