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Supply Chain Security 101: Understanding Your Supply Chain and Your Risks

Supply chain security. It’s a hot topic in the midst of crippling attacks and ever-looming threats. But when it comes to organizations trying to lock down their supply chains, many leaders forgo a crucial first step—understanding their own supply chain from top to bottom, and then identifying where the risks might be hiding. 

Jerry Gamblin, Director of Security Research with Kenna Security at Cisco, breaks down supply chain security basics, and helps unpack what it takes to know what you’re working with so you can define a path forward.  

Register to learn:  

  • What exactly is a supply chain 
  • What supply chain security is—and more importantly, what it isn’t 
  • How to better understand your chain and what it does 
  • Where your risks lie and what that means for your plan 
  • Why supply chain security can amplify your risk management efforts 

Earn one CPE credit through ISC² by watching this webinar.


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