Remediate faster, more efficiently with data-driven risk prioritization

Nov 18, 2021
Kendall Serrano

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The latest addition to the Cisco security portfolio, Kenna Security, is the leader in risk-based vulnerability management. Their core product Kenna.VM enables organizations to proactively manage infrastructure security risk. The platform leverages extensive global threat intel to aggregate, track, measure, and predict real-world threat and exploit activity. This contextual data is combined with enterprise security data from sources like Qualys, Tenable, Rapid7, etc. to provide the most complete and accurate view of risk within your enterprise. With Kenna.VM, organizations can boost ROI by optimizing limited resources and reducing the amount of time spent of remediation. 

Register today for this exclusive Kenna.VM overview, a complimentary one-hour webinar hosted by our local Kenna Security specialists. Learn how some of the world’s most sophisticated organizations are deploying Modern Vulnerability Management to save time, money and resources–and to create a more efficient approach to vulnerability management at a moment when no one has time to lose. 


  •  Overview of Kenna
  • Why data driven prioritization of vulnerabilities matters
  • How Kenna integrates with your existing tools (ie. Vuln Scanners, CMDB, Ticketing Systems, etc.)
  • A guided demonstration of award-winning Kenna.VM solution
  • Real-life use cases
  • Ask Me Anything with presenters

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