Why All These Vulnerabilities Rarely Matter

Feb 2, 2019
Kendall Serrano

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Application security is an increasingly important, yet commonly misunderstood, IT topic.

While security professionals agree that remediating application vulnerabilities is essential to maximizing the organization’s security posture, there is little agreement on how to effectively prioritize which vulnerabilities to remediate first. With a wide range of application security tools such as SAST, DAST, and RASP, which provide the most useful data?

Join Jeremiah Grossman, CEO of application security firm Bit Discovery, and Jonathan Cran, Head of Research at Kenna Security, as they draw on their 35+ years of combined experience to discuss:

– The relative value of the various application security tools in the market
– Their insights on how best to built a modern application security program
– How to focus on the relatively few application vulnerabilities that pose the most risk
– How to avoid the ‘noise’ from the majority that don’t require the attention of your limited resource

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